Appreciating past voices for present society

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Appreciating past voices for present society

Isabel Herrera, Staff Writer

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While society celebrates Dr. King or Parks, it can also look to the quiet fighters, the ones who stood amid voices yelling at them about all they allegedly could not be.
They stood a little taller, opened their eyes a little wider, and silenced the noise often without violence.


The fearlessness of those who had every right to be afraid yet fought against injustice decades ago have empowered today’s #Me Too Movement, March for Our Lives, Women’s March, and Gay Rights.
Rosario said, “A lot of people are starting to believe [they] do not have to remain under. That is the moment when we are becoming more and more American.”
The history has snowballed into opportunities for Americans to use their voices.
It has provided a spark for not only those personally struggling but for the nation to recognize one does not have to be directly affected to fight for those who are.
Rosario said, “You cannot cover the sky with your hands.”
During the month, society can remember to honor the valiance it took to stand in front of an opposing force.
Those who feel small now may take solace in remembering that actions will not go unnoticed.